Cupcake Delirium

I’m sure I’m not the only cupcake lover in the world. And everyone thinks their favorite cupcake is “the best cupcake ever.” But what really makes a good cupcake? For me, it’s the following things: 1. It HAS to be moist. If it’s dry in any way you have already gotten crossed off my cupcake list. 2. I don’t like a whole lot of icing. I like my icing to cover the cupcake but I don’t want the taste of the icing to override the delicious cakery (prob not even a word) of the cupcake. 3. Every bite must make my taste buds twerk like Miley Cyrus! Since you now know my rules, let the cupcake games begin. Since I’m from Charlotte by way of Monroe, NC, I decided to start my cupcake journey in my home town with my personal favorite…..Cupcake Delirium. It’s a cupcake truck owned by a couple that are really sweet just like their cupcakes. Shannon does all the baking except the frosting…..her husband Russ (aka Mr. Cupcake) is a master “frostier” as she affectionately refers to him. He also takes the truck out. Shannon started baking for friends, they paid her, she liked that. They used a kickstarter to fund their cupcake truck (aka Baby Blue) and the rest is history. I don’t even remember my first encounter but it was like a crack pipe in 2011. I’ve never looked back. Russ is like the perfect dealer. You text him, tell him what you want and when you get there, it’s waiting for you! #cupcakecrackhead I decided to try a new flavor for my blog tonight: Banana Nutella! I like Nutella but I’m not a huge fan like my French brother in law. He knows his Nutella! But I love bananas and chocolate so I figured this should be an interesting combination. I was correct. (What else is new? LOL) Presentation is everything. I love that these cupcakes are served in upside down plastic cups so it really makes them a “cup-cake.” They are always beautifully iced and decorated with some type of garnish. This one has chocolate chips and a banana chip. This cupcake was really moist! The cupcake itself was banana flavored and reminded me slightly of a banana nut muffin but 10 times better. I think it had small pieces of nuts in it. The icing which I think was whipped Nutella complimented the cupcake perfectly and the chocolate chips were an added flavor boost. Definitely twerked all up and through my taste buds. After 2 years I have NEVER had a bad cupcake from this place. The baking is always consistent which is detrimental when it comes to cupcakes. One bad batch can ruin your reputation. If you’re ever in Charlotte, please try Cupcake Delirium and tell them I sent ya! Peace, love and cupcakes.





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